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            Contact Us

            Cixi City Minda Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd
            Add: Zhouxiang Industrial Area,Cixi,Ningbo,China
            Post code:315324
            Tel:(0086 574) 63301717 63301718
            63333358 63322999 63301032
            Fax:0086 574 63300019
            E-mail:[email protected]
            [email protected]

            About US
            Cixi City Minda Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd. is located in Zhouxiang industrial Area,Cixi,Ningbo,China.It is the center of China Changjiang Triangle Development Zone, and the superior location makes it convenient to go to Shanghai and Hangzhou. Cixi City Minda Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd. has been manufacturing and exporting various rechargeable electric torches and emergency lamps for over ten years, and it is a factory, including plastic injection workshop, circuit board production
            • MD003L-44
            • MD210L-24B
            • MD230
            • MD286L-18B
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